Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greetings 2011 !!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's time for new beginnings!  I have been able to spend some time lately viewing, reading and planning about different changes I want to make in this New Year.  It's all about Goals, Task Lists, Inspiration.  Because this year I want to introduce a new item every month.  I want to focus on adding lots of inventory to the website. http://lrcoastalart.com and my Etsy shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/lrcoastalart so that you, my favorite friends have a large selection to choose from when you visit.  And Special Gifts to those of you that are really paying attention.  Still waiting for the 1000 followers and Friends on Facebook and Twitter for the Beautiful Floral Crystal Bracelets. There will be more Giveaways so stay engaged and check back here on the Blog, on Twitter and on Facebook!

 In this hard economic time, I plan to put together a special Shop Page for the Bargain Hunter on the Website. And I would love to hear from you with ideas you would like created.  Like, are you partial to:
  • Silver vs. Gold.  
  • Base Metal vs. Precious Metals.  
  • Long Necklaces vs. Chokers.
  • Lace vs. Leather
  • Feathers vs. Flowers
  • Quality vs. Cost

You get the idea.  I want to see comments on the Blog.  Go ahead and give me your wish list.  I have some of my own special ideas and can't wait to get them worked up to share with you.  Think about your likes and dislikes in Fashion and/or Jewelry and if your idea is Unique and chosen to be made up and becomes a good seller, I will make up a FREE one to send to you!  No kidding...FREE!  How Great is that?!?

So Happy New Year Friends and stay warm and stay tuned!